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Swapping and Archiving Subpages

Many pages have a Main Branch (Page Name/Main Branch) and Experimental (Page Name/Experimental) subpages that are called in the actual page. They are meant to avoid confusing due to features being changed between Updates and Hotfixes.

Whenever you want to swap and archive subpages, follow these steps in order:

  1. Archive the Main Branch subpage:
    1. Move the current Main Branch subpage to Update #, where # is the Update the page was referring to.
    2. This will create an archived subpage that will later be referred on the Changes History section for easy reference.
  1. Push the Experimental subpage to Main branch:
    1. Move the the current Experimental subpage to Main Branch.
    2. DO NOT leave a redirect behind. This is very important.
  1. Add the archived subpage to the Changes History section.
    1. On the NEW Main Branch subpage, add a new line to the Changes History section.
    2. The new line should contain a link to the archived subpage [[/Update #]].
    3. This allows the older versions of information to be archived. Since the devs keep older Update versions available, we also wanted to keep information about that update on the Wiki.

Preloaded Templates List

Templates can be preloaded when creating a new page (through Source Code, not Visual Editor), as shown in MediaWiki:Newarticletext.

The following are the templates used:

In addition, each update header for subpages has its own template:

Templates List (Obsolete)

If you want to create a new page, here are some templates you can use to make them. Pick the correct template for the type of content a page has.