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Howdy and welcome to the official Timberborn Wiki!

This is a place for everyone interested in Timberborn, the beaver city-builder for PC & Mac developed by Mechanistry and launched into Early Access on September 15, 2021.

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Monuments icon.pngAbout Timberborn

Early Access launch trailer from Timberborn's youtube channel

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Timberborn is a city-building game set on post-apocalyptic Earth turned arid wasteland. Humans are long gone from the planet but factions of beavers thrive despite the recurring deadly droughts. On top of traditional colony-building elements, Timberborn features fully terra-formable maps, water physics, irrigation, and vertical architecture.

Hauling Post icon.pngLast Major Update

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2025-01-18 (Update 5 - Badwater)

Deadly badwater, new in-game season (badtides), map reworks, new attractions and decorations, QoL tweaks, and more!

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