Badwater Source

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Badwater sources are a type of natural structure. Unlike other natural structures, badwater sources can not be built by Beavers icon.png Beavers, nor placed or plopped by a player. Because of this restriction all official maps provide at least one badwater source. Badwater doesn't flow during droughts unless a badwater discharge has been built on top ouf the source and opened.

Flowing Badwater icon.png Badwater can be pumped by Badwater Pumps to produce Badwater (Good) icon.png Badwater.


Badwater sources have a strength up to (???). They can be set into the negatives by mapmakers to absorb water instead of generating it. Strength is a direct measurement of the cubic meters of water generated per second.

Patch Notes

v? "Update 5" Experimental *Badwater doesn't flow during the drought any more.