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This noxious liquid spills using the in-game water physics, and will mix with regular Water (Good) icon.png water. Like its not-deadly counterpart, badwater powers up Water Wheels, disables buildings with flooded entrances etc. Badwater will be spawned from Badwater Source icon.png Badwater Sources and during the badtide from Water Source icon.png Water Sources as well.

Beaver Contamination

Beavers icon.png Beavers walking or swimming in badwater may become contaminated. After three days, the contaminated beaver will receive a severe Well-being penalty and refuse to work while continuing to eat, drink, and occupy a household. If it’s a Folktail, it will not reproduce, and if it’s Iron Teeth, it will not care about the colony’s breeding pods. The higher the concentration of badwater, the higher the risk of contamination on contact.

Folktails may use healer combined with medical beds to expedite recovery, while Iron Teeth may use decontamination pods to do so.

Bots icon.png Bots are unaffected by exposure to badwater.

Soil Contamination

Badwater gradually decreases the irrigation range of regular water. At 50% concentration, water no longer irrigates nearby areas.

Badwater gradually contaminates the ground around it starting at 51%, quickly killing all plant life. The size of the affected area depends on badwater concentration, and the contamination persists for a brief period after the pollution level drops.