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Want to Contribute to the Wiki but don't know where to start?

You are in the right place!

Creating New Pages

Pages in Need of Love

Improvements Required

Pages marked as Outdated and/or Stub are a good start!

Wanted Pages and Files

You may also create a wanted page or upload an wanted file.

WikiMedia Templates

The Wiki uses several templates for information display and automation. Here are the list of most commonly used templates.

General Templates



  • Goods
  • Buildings
  • Natural Resources
  • Map Editor Elements

Restricted Pages

These pages are restricted to the Wiki administrators only.

If you think we could do changes to improve the Wiki, please let us know in Timberborn's Discord server!

Style & Script

Main Page

Left Sidebar

Tips tricks and other shenanigains

  • Invisible Notes

You can make notes for other editors which are not visible without editing by using <!--hidden text-->. This can also be used in experimental pages. When released to live, you may just hide the contents instead of deleting it.

  • Syntax Highlighting

It may be useful to some to have this enabled. This colors certain things in the editor at the cost of some loading time. Can be found to the left of "Advanced" at the top of the editor and looks like a highlighter.