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Beaverome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your settlement here. This brand new map challenges you to follow the steps of the beaver pioneers who transformed seven water-filled craters into the heart of the modern beaver civilization.

Beaverome is a 192x192 map, where the challenge is finding space among the water. The incredible amount of water in the craters will guarantee that thirst is, effectively, never a threat -- it would take a truly vast pumping system and an equally vast drought to even approach draining one of them. However, the expanse of the craters takes up a huge amount of the map's space, limiting all kinds of growing and building space. In addition, the craters' steep sides make finding space for aquatic crops surprisingly difficult, and their vast surfaces mean there is very, very little flowing water to derive water power from, being limited to the channels between the craters and the rivers flowing off the sides of the map. Finally, almost all of Beaverome's supply of metal is located underwater on the crater bottoms -- while beavers can work underwater, Scavenging Posts and Mines will flood unless built on dry land, so gaining any metal will require various degrees of monumental engineering. You certainly can build a vast settlement on Beaverome which can reach nearly unprecedented size given the available water supply -- but given the timber needed to build platforms and dams to claim space from the crater lakes, it will not be built in a day.

Contains 21 1 strength Water Source blocks. They are in two clusters of 8, and one of 5 at the bottom of craters.