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Water sources are a type of natural structure. Unlike other natural structures, water sources can not be built by Beavers icon.png beavers, nor placed or plopped by a player. Because of this restriction all official maps provide multiple water sources. Water sources are also the only source of water in Timberborn.

Flowing water can be pumped by water pumps to produce Water (Good) icon.png water that Beavers icon.png beavers can drink to satisfy thirst, a basic beaver need. As such, proper management of water sources is absolutely vital for the survival of Beavers icon.png beavers.


Flowing water from a water source will continue to flow until it reaches an edge of the map. Once flowing water reaches the edge of a map it will flow over the edge of the map and de-spawn. Water sources placed at the edge of a map will block the flow of water above themselves out of the map.


Water sources only produce pure water during Temperate icon.png temperate weather. During times of Drought icon.png drought water sources dry up and cease producing flowing water.


Water sources have a strength up to (8.0). They can be set into the negatives by mapmakers to absorb water instead of generating it. Strength is a direct measurement of the cubic meters of water generated per second.