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Maps are the levels of where Timberborn takes place.

The game has several official maps as default, but maps can be made by the community by using the Map Editor inside the game.

Official Maps

Map Image Map name Size Water Sources strength Badwater Sources strength Developer notes
Plains 256x256 8

(1x5, 1.5x2)


(1.5x1, 2x1)

Plains is the classic map some of you might already know, with a lot of flat spaces and a big river going into a lake.

(Marked as "recommended" when starting a new game)

Beaverome 192x192 21



(2x2, 3x2)

Beaverome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your settlement here. This brand new map challenges you to follow the steps of the beaver pioneers who transformed seven water-filled craters into the heart of the modern beaver civilization."[1]
Canyon 128x128 8




Canyon is the same valley with a small river that you've seen in the demo, with some small tweaks to make it easier to place bridges here and there.
Craters 192x192 10

(1x5, 1.5x2, 2x1)



Diorama 50x50 6




Diorama is a tiny challenge map that makes your settlement look like a model village.
Helix Mountain 256x256 12



(2x2, 3x3)

The map was originally released for the first official city building contest [2]. Due to its popularity, it was later reworked and permanently added to the game on 2022-04-20.[1]
Lakes 256x256 16




Likewise, Lakes gives you a lot of small spaces to put water through, irrigating a lot of land.
Meander 128x128 11

(1x4, 1.5x2, 2x2)



Even smaller than that is Meander which features a single twisted river going around an elevated terrain the beavers start on.
Mountain Range 256x150 8




Mountain Range is the newest map and slightly smaller than Terraces, but is somewhat similar — the water going out of the mountain you start on quickly falls into a ravine and doesn't irrigate that much land.
Terraces 256x256 10.5

(0.5x3, 1x5, 2x2)


(1x3, 2x3, 3x1)

Terraces is a very vertical map that starts you on a plateau with a small stream nearby and makes you go down, instead of up.
Thousand Islands 256x256 54

(1x16, 2x19)



Thousand Islands is filled with water and the challenge comes with going through it or blocking it to acquire more farmland.
Waterfalls 128x128 12




Waterfalls is another older map with a few waterfalls and a fairly flat terrain near the river after the falls.

Custom Maps

Anyone can make additional, custom maps through the Map Editor icon.png Map Editor tool accessed from the game's main menu. The map file can then be shared to be played by others.