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The District Crossing icon.png District Crossing is a building used to separate Districts icon.png Districts while allowing the passage of beavers and goods between them. It employs up to 4 beavers per district (8 total) who are responsible for the delivery of goods within their district. Distribution settings control which goods will be moved between districts, with options to prevent export of goods if stocks run low.

District Crossings have storage for the goods which have been imported from the opposite district. This storage is limited and can only hold 3 different types of items at once, and up to 30 of each type of item held.


District Crossing icon.png District Crossing must first be unlocked with 1000 Science icon.png before it can be built. It costs 30 Logs icon.png Logs and 15 Planks icon.png Planks to build.

(The production chain involved showed be listed here.)

Strategies & Tips

  • When creating new districts, you can set up your new district's Distribution to import required goods from your existing districts until your new district becomes self-sufficient.
  • Due to the limit of 3 different types of goods in storage at a District Crossing, it is recommended to build Small Pile icon.png Small Piles and/or Small Warehouse icon.png Small Warehouses very close to the District Crossing, to act as a buffer for commonly imported goods, and set them to "Supply Goods" mode. This allows the workers at the Crossing to rapidly unload imported goods into these nearby stores, freeing up space in the Crossing for the other side to import different types of goods. Haulers will then move the imported goods from these buffer stores to your district's main storage. This may also allow you to employ less beavers at the Crossing itself, as they will be making very short delivery runs most of the time.


  • This building was added in Update 4. It replaces the now-obsolete District Gate icon.png District Gate, Distribution Post icon.png Distribution Post and Drop-off Point icon.png Drop-off Point by combining the functions of all three into a single building.
  • This is the only building in the game which has two separately-selectable parts. Each side exists in a different district, will hold a different inventory of goods, and employs different beavers. It is in essence two separate buildings that are constructed as one.