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Beavers icon.png

Beavers icon.png Beavers are the protagonists of Timberborn. A surviving species in the post-apocalyptic world, they make use of wood to survive, build and prosper.

Life Cycle


Life Expectancy

If no need is satisfied, a beaver will live for 50 day and night cycles.

The life expectancy can be increased by fulfilling increasing Well-Being icon.png Well-Being.

Working Hours icon.png

Working Hours

By default, beavers work during the day and do Leisure icon.png Leisure activities and sleep at night.

Depending on the amount of working hours set by the player, however, they might end up not doing night activities, or do them during the day.

The default amount of working hours is 16 hours. Working hours can be adjusted any time at the top right of the screen. You can increase it up to 24 hours or decrease it down to 0 hours.

The amount of working hours can affect positively or negatively several things in the Beaver population.

By increasing working hours, you:

  • Increase productivity of the beavers, as expected.
  • Decrease the leisure time a beaver has before going to sleep, so it can't fulfill other needs.
  • If working hours is high enough, you might also decrease the amount of sleep and shelter the beavers gain. This also reduces the chance for Folktails to breed during their sleep time.

By decreasing working hours, you get the opposite effect.

Building icon.png Building



Needs are criteria that either must, should, or could be fulfilled by each Beavers icon.pngbeaver.

Vital needs

For more information, see Needs § Basic Needs.

Basic Needs needs are, in fact, vital. Failing to fulfill a vital need will result in death for the beaver with an unfulfilled vital need.


Beaver Food icon.png food and Water (Good) icon.png water consumption rates are the same for both factions. At game speed (1), with an in-game day equaling (480) seconds, the following observations have been made.

All observations and calculations provided by Discord user: Luminax#5603

Optional needs

For more information, see Needs.

Optional needs needs are just that. Completely optional. Failing to fulfill optional needs has zero negative effects on beavers. However, if optional needs are fulfilled, positive bonus effects will be applied to the affected beavers.

For more information, see Well-Being.


Factions affect some mechanics of the game and the availability of some buildings exclusive to a specific faction. There are currently two factions: Folktails icon.png Folktails and Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth.


  • Beavers have random names picked from a list.
  • Some beavers are named in flavor texts present in the game.


See Also

  • Bots icon.png Bots, the trusty mechanical servants that beavers might create.