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Timberborn is a city-builder created by Mechanistry, launched in Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development on September 15th, 2021. Timberborn runs on the Unity engine.

Humans are long gone. Will your lumberpunk beavers do any better? A city-building game featuring ingenious animals, vertical architecture, river control, and deadly droughts. Contains high amounts of wood. – official game description


Development History

Open alpha

Timberborn Open Alpha ran from October 18th, 2019 to May 14th, 2020 and was available to early supporters and first influencers via a no-longer supported Discord store. The first public gameplay from the game was published on November 27th, 2019 on The Geek Cupboard YouTube channel.

Closed beta

Timberborn Closed Beta ran from June 18th, 2020. Originally scheduled to last for a month, with an Early Access launch planned for Autumn 2020, it kept running January 26th, 2021, and was available via the sign-up form. The beta was made available on Discord, with a later switch to Steam. At launch, compared to Closed Alpha, the beta added a visual overhaul, an addition of a map editor, ability to stack buildings.

On November 3rd, 2020, “Dam & Blast” patch added dams, water physics, destructible terrain, custom-shaped fields, new buildings, fresh maps, updated UI.

On December 17th, 2020, "Droughts and Irrigation" introduced dry seasons and related mechanics.

Public demo

On January 26th, 2021, Closed Beta ended and was replaced with a demo publicly available on Steam. The demo added new beaver models.

On February 16th, 2021, following the demo’s appearance on Steam Game Festival, Mechanistry announced they would move the game’s Early Access launch to “later in 2021”, citing the demo’s popularity and the amount of feedback as a reason for the delay.

On March 22nd, 2021, the demo received an update that added build prioritization and new building models borrowed from one of the game’s factions.

Early Access

On September 15th, 2021, the game was launched in Steam Early Access,GOG Games in Development, and Epic Games Store. On February 13th, 2023 the game was also launched on Humble Store.

Update 1

On December 17th, 2021, Timberborn Update 1 was released.

Update 2

On September 14th, 2022, Timberborn Update 2 was released.

Update 3

On December 15th, 2022, Timberborn Update 3 was released.

Update 4

On May 24th, 2023, Timberborn Update 4 was released.

Update 5

On January 18th, 2024, Timberborn Update 5 was released.


The Timberborn Official Soundtrack was composed by Zofia Domaradzka. It is available on Spotify and Apple Music following this link. It's also available for purchase in GOG and Steam.

Key Bindings

Key bindings in Timberborn are not player mappable. The available key bindings are listed below.

  • Time
    • Change speed: ~, 1, 2, 3
    • Pause: SPACE
  • Camera
    • Move camera: WASD / arrow keys, MMB (RMB if changed in settings)
    • Rotate camera: Q / E, RMB (MMB)
    • Rotate camera 90 degrees: Z / C
    • Zoom camera: MOUSE WHEEL, PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN
    • Move and rotate camera faster: SHIFT
    • Save / restore camera position: CTRL + V / V
    • Hide / show interface: CTRL + H
    • Change max visible level: ALT + MOUSE WHEEL
    • Toggle water visibility: T
  • Buildings
    • Rotate building: R / SHIFT + R
    • Mirror building : F
    • Delete building: DEL
    • Force delete building: SHIFT + DEL
    • Pause / unpause building: P

Key Bindings Screen

The key bindings screen as seen in-game.