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Faction image for Iron Teeth faction. Un-officially named Onager.

Onager is a name unofficially given by Timberborn Discord Server users to one of the images used as a Timberborn beaver faction.


The name Onager has been un-officially associated to one of the images of the beavers used in the game by some users on the Timberborn Discord server. Onager followed in the wake of the beaver name Mangonel. Shortly after Mangonel was suggested as the name of a beaver leading the player through the tutorial, a suggestion was made to add a new beaver to present the in-game announcements to the player. The users suggested the new beaver be clothed in a fashion similar to an early 1900's newspaper hawker. As the initial beaver name, Mangonel, was derived from a type of Catapult, another type of catapult was selected to name this second beaver - Onager.

When the second beaver faction, the Iron Teeth, was announced, the Discord server user's associated the second un-official beaver name to the new factions beaver image.

The developers of Timberborn have not officially commented on the use of Mangonel, nor Onager.

Other Named beavers:

  • Guimer - the name associated to the guitar playing beaver, that appeared in a Developer created music video made from a Discord members created song. The name is also associated to the smaller emoji version of the same image.
  • Ma' Ngonel - is an almost legendary figure among Timberborn Beavers - a beaver grandma, known for her stern hand and cooking skills. Ma' Ngonel is held in high regard among both kits and adult beavers. Ma' Ngonel's name has been associated to the image for both the Folktails faction and the Beavers of Demoria (a demo faction).
  • Ol' Kazko - is a legendary forefather of modern beavers, famous inventor, pioneer of rapid industrialization.
  • Pina - Pina is a younger beaver figure that's exploring the world and isn't related to any faction in particular.