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Pina is a younger beaver figure that's exploring the world and isn't related to any faction in particular. Pina as a name relates to the pine tree.


  • Badwater Source icon.png Badwater Source - Why do we have to clean up the hoomans' mess? Oh, right, they're all dead.
  • Bot Assembler icon.png Bot Assembler - It all started with a simple "what if I didn't have to work today"
  • Bot Part Factory icon.png Bot Part Factory - Done! Wait, what is this screw doing here?
  • Cattail (Crop) icon.png Cattail (Crop) - I know all about tails but what is a cat?
  • Double Shower icon.png Double Shower - I liked my yesterday's shower buddy better.
  • Drop-off Point icon.png Drop-off Point - Have the cookies arrived yet? No? Okay, I'll take the planks instead.
  • Lido icon.png Lido - That's a really good time but we should work on your tailstroke!
  • Medical Bed icon.png Medical Bed - Tis but a scratch. May I go back to work?
  • Small Industrial Pile icon.png Small Industrial Pile - So they slapped a roff on top and called it industrial. Classic.
  • Terraforming Station icon.png Terraforming Station - Hey, that hill wasn't there last week.
  • Wind Gauge icon.png Wind Gauge - If I am right, this thing could fly if fixed to an engine and a pair of wings.

Other Named Beavers:

  • Guimer - the name associated to the guitar playing beaver, that appeared in a Developer created music video made from a Discord members created song. The name is also associated to the smaller emoji version of the same image.
  • Ma' Ngonel - is an almost legendary figure among Timberborn Beavers - a beaver grandma, known for her stern hand and cooking skills. Ma' Ngonel is held in high regard among both kits and adult beavers. Ma' Ngonel's name has been associated to the image for both the Folktails faction and the Beavers of Demoria (a demo faction).
  • Onager - taken from a type of Catapult, and associated with the image for the Iron Teeth faction of Beavers.
  • Ol' Kazko - is a legendary forefather of modern beavers, famous inventor, pioneer of rapid industrialization.