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Faction image for Folktails faction and Beavers of Demoria faction, Un-officially named Mangonel.

Ma' Ngonel is an almost legendary figure among Timberborn Beavers - a beaver grandma, known for her stern hand and cooking skills. Ma' Ngonel is held in high regard among both kits and adult beavers.

Ma' Ngonel or Mangonel is a name unofficially given by Timberborn Discord Server users to one of the images used as a Timberborn beaver faction.


The name Mangonel has been un-officially associated to one of the images of the beavers used in the game by some users on the Timberborn Discord server. The origin of the name came from a post asking for the name of the beaver on the game's icon. At that time, there was no reply from the game developers. In light of this, several names were suggested. Concurrent to this question, was a proposal, made humorously, to add Catapults to the game for "Rapid Beaver Relocation & Transportation".

These two ideas quickly merged, and Mangonel, a type of a catapult, was proposed as a name. Over time this name morphed into the name of a proposed beaver announcer that would narrate the player through the game's tutorial. Next, when images of beavers first appeared in the game demo, allowing the player to select a faction, the name was associated to the Beavers of Demoria faction. When the Early Access version of the game released, this same image was used for the Folktails faction.

The developers of Timberborn have not officially commented on the use of Mangonel, nor Onager, another type of Catapult, proposed as the name of the Iron Teeth faction image. The running thread of having catapults in the game remains. On April Fool's Day in 2021, the development team posted an announcement for the addition of Catapults to the game. This was followed by a retraction the next day. On the date of Early Access Release, emojis of a catapult and of flying beavers were added to the Discord server's emoji images.

When the game entered Early Access, users were quick to notice that the developers had add multiple flavor text quotes to game components, attributing those quotes to the beaver Ma' Ngonel.

Easter Eggs

A beaver named Ngonel.

When Early Access released, several Easter Eggs were reported associated to Mangonel:

  • In the first playthrough on recommended map, one of the beavers is named Ngonel.
  • The game may randomly generate Ngonel as a beaver kit name.
  • Some of the in game comments and tooltips are attributed to a Ma' Ngonel.
    • Aquatic Farmhouse icon.png Aquatic Farmhouse - "There was once a rumor we eat fish. Disgusting!"
    • Bakery icon.png Bakery - "Nothing like a hot bun with a little sawdust sprinkled on top."
    • Beehive icon.png Beehive - "You get used to the buzzing eventually."
    • Birch icon.png Birch Tree - "Remember, kits, do not peel too much bark off! It harms the tree!"
    • Blueberry icon.png Blueberry - "You'll come asking for more of these when the drought hits."
    • Brazier of Bonding icon.png Brazier of Bonding - "If not for us, then for the future generations."
    • Carousel icon.png Carousel - "Where do you think you're going, kit? These branches won't peel themselves."
    • Corn (Crop) icon.png Corn (Crop) - "Nothing good comes from kits playing in the corn."
    • Dirt Pile icon.png Dirt Pile - The world is your sandbox, kits.
    • Distribution Post icon.png Distribution Post - "Send some potatoes to the twelfth district, their kits are too thin."
    • Grill icon.png Grill - "Mash 'em, boil 'em, grill 'em on a non-stick pan!" ― "500 Ways to Eat a Potato" by Ma' Ngonel
    • Lodge icon.png Lodge - "In the olden days a lodge was just that, a lodge. And now? I don't know about that."
    • Small Warehouse icon.png Small Warehouse - "No dynamite in my pantry, please and thank you."

Other Named Beavers:

  • Guimer - the name associated to the guitar playing beaver, that appeared in a Developer created music video made from a Discord members created song. The name is also associated to the smaller emoji version of the same image.
  • Ol' Kazko - is a legendary forefather of modern beavers, famous inventor, pioneer of rapid industrialization.
  • Onager - taken from a type of Catapult, and associated with the image for the Iron Teeth faction of Beavers.
  • Pina - Pina is a younger beaver figure that's exploring the world and isn't related to any faction in particular.