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Ol' Kazko is a legendary forefather of modern beavers, famous inventor, pioneer of rapid industrialization.

Little is known about Ol' Kazko, except that he is held in high esteem by the other Timberborn Beavers. Ol' Kazko is frequently quoted in the building information panel that is displayed when a constructed building is clicked.

From the content of these quotes and comments, it has been inferred that Ol' Kazko may have created many of the components used in the Beaver power system.

A beaver named Kazko, after Ol' Kazko.

In the Early Access release, the game has a random chance of spawning a beaver with the name Kazko, as the beavers honor Ol' Kazko with their kits.


There has been some discussion in the community regarding Ol' Kazko. The Timberborn development team created a video, in which an elderly beaver speaks of the history of the "hoomans" and their demise, leading to the beavers rise is status. The community has discussed if this beaver narrator should be attributed as the voice of Ol' Kazko.


When Early Access released several references to Ol' Kazko appeared in the building information panels:

  • Bell icon.png Bell - It's the morning ringing you should be looking forward to.
  • Breeding Pod icon.png Breeding Pod - Kits are our future. We need twelve more by next month.
  • Floodgate icon.png Floodgate - No-one thought you could improve on a dam until Ol' Kazko created The First Floodgate.
  • Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop - "Wooden gear's solid!" was a catchphrase coined by Ol' Kazko as he pushed for rapid industrialization.
  • Inventor icon.png Inventor - Inspired by the legacy of Ol' Kazko, beaver inventors are always eager to improve their timber-tech.
  • Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber Mill - Encouraged by Ol' Kazko, mechanized wood processing caused much gnashing of teeth among older beavers.
  • Power Shaft Components
  • Water Dump icon.png Water Dump - "Give me enough buckets and I shall move the lake." ― Ol' Kazko
  • Water Wheel icon.png Water Wheel - Ol' Kazko's opus magnum.

Other Named Beavers:

  • Guimer - the name associated to the guitar playing beaver, that appeared in a Developer created music video made from a Discord members created song. The name is also associated to the smaller emoji version of the same image.
  • Ma' Ngonel - is an almost legendary figure among Timberborn Beavers - a beaver grandma, known for her stern hand and cooking skills. Ma' Ngonel is held in high regard among both kits and adult beavers. Ma' Ngonel's name has been associated to the image for both the Folktails faction and the Beavers of Demoria (a demo faction).
  • Onager - taken from a type of Catapult, and associated with the image for the Iron Teeth faction of Beavers.
  • Pina - Pina is a younger beaver figure that's exploring the world and isn't related to any faction in particular.