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For dams, see Dam.

Floodgates are Landscaping icon.png landscaping Buildings icon.png buildings that block the flow of Fluids icon.png Fluids up to an adjustable height. By being height-adjustable floodgates offer more control over water than Dam icon.png dams do, but that extra ability comes with an added build cost. All versions of floodgates require Planks icon.png planks in addition to Logs icon.png logs to be built.

There are three versions of floodgates. Each version has a different range of adjustment for blocking water. Shorter floodgates will have a smaller range of adjustment possibility while taller floodgates will have a larger range of adjustment possibility. Which floodgate you will build depends upon the situation you are in at the time.

The top tile of each floodgate is occupied by the mechanism that raises and lowers the floodgate. To calculate the total depth of water that a given floodgate type will retain just subtract (1) from its height. This mechanism blocks any opportunity for Path icon.png pathing on top of floodgates.


The options for adjusting any floodgate are essentially the same for each version.

  • Completely closed
  • Partially open/closed
  • Completely open

Completely Closed

Completely closed means your beavers floodgate has been raised to its tallest height. The floodgate is blocking the most water it can.

Partially Open/Closed

Partially open/closed means your beavers floodgate has been raised or lowered to a height that is neither at the top nor at the bottom of its range. The floodgate is blocking some water and the floodgate is allowing some water through.

Completely Open

Completely open means your beavers floodgate has been lowered to its shortest height. The floodgate is allowing the most water through that it can.


Floodgate icon.png Floodgate is (2) tiles tall and offers a range of adjustment of (1) tile.

Double Floodgate

Double Floodgate icon.png Double floodgate is (3) tiles tall and offers a range of adjustment of (2) tiles.

Triple Floodgate

Triple Floodgate icon.png Triple floodgate is (4) tiles tall and offers a range of adjustment of (3) tiles.