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The Refinery icon.png Refinery is a Science (Category) icon.png Science building unique to Folktails icon.png Folktails, used to make Biofuel icon.png Biofuel and Catalyst icon.png Catalyst.


It has four recipes:


Multiplying the grow rate of each type (units/day) by the fuel recipe (fuel/unit), you can calculate the rate of fuel for each recipe per grow cell.

Carrot: 0.75 * 2.5 = 1.875, Potato: 0.167 * 15 = 2.5, Spadderdock: 0.25 * 12.5 = 3.125.

Therefore, Spadderdock is the fastest producing fuel resource because each recipe takes the same amount of time.

Patch Notes

v0.2.8.1-0748a0c "Update 2"

  • Building added to main track