Bot Assembler

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The Bot Assembler icon.png Bot Assembler is an Science (Category) icon.png Science building where Bots icon.png Bots are assembled from Bot Heads icon.png Bot Heads, Bot Chassis icon.png Bot Chassis and Bot Limbs icon.png Bot Limbs. It requires 250 hp Horsepower icon.png to do so and employs 2 Beavers icon.png Beavers.

The recipe for one bot is 1 Chassis, 1 Head and 4 Limbs.


  • Bot Assembler was introduced in Update 2.
  • Before Update 3, Bot Assembler was called Golem Assembler.

Patch Notes

v0.2.8.1-0748a0c "Update 2"

  • Building added to main track