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Potatoes are one of the crops in the game.


Potatoes can be planted and harvested through a Farmhouse.

They provide a maximum 0.66 food/plot/day, compared to the Carrot's 0.75 food/plot/day, making them less space efficient, and meaning they require more workers to process them - however, the added food variety is generally worth it in the mid-game.

Note that potatoes take 6 days to grow, and that a grill can only process a certain number of potatoes in a given amount of time. As such, you will want to keep the number of potatoes being grown within this number in order to keep your warehouses from filling up with raw potatoes. Assuming a standard 16 hour workday, and 100% efficiency throughout the workday, a grill can process 30 potatoes per day, meaning under ideal circumstances you will be able to process 180 plots worth of potatoes. Realistically, there will be inefficiencies throughout the chain, and even a longer workday is unlikely to process this number of potatoes, so view this as an absolute upper limit of your potato plot:grill ratio.