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The Observatory icon.png Observatory is an efficient Science (Category) icon.png Science building unique to Folktails icon.png Folktails that requires Power icon.png Power to work.


The Observatory requires 80 Planks icon.png Planks, 30 Gears icon.png Gears and 10 Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin to build.

Planks are made in the Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber Mill, gears are made in the Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop and pine resin is harvested with a Tapper's Shack icon.png Tapper's Shack.


The observatory works similar to the Inventor icon.png Inventor, producing Science icon.png Science points.

The observatory requires 200 hp Horsepower icon.png and employs up to 4 Beavers icon.png beavers.

On full efficiency, the observatory generates in total 10 Science icon.png in 0.75 hours. This means roughly 53 science points per beaver per 16 hours, or 3.33 science points per 1 hour.

Patch Notes

v0.2.8.1-0748a0c "Update 2"

  • time per craft reduced to 0.75 hours with 4 workers from 0.78 hours with 4 workers
  • changed to folktails unique building