Compact Water Wheel

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The Compact Water Wheel icon.png Compact Water Wheel is a building unique to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth faction. It generates Power icon.png Power from flowing Fluids icon.png Fluids.


The compact water wheel is unlocked at the start of the game and is the only Power icon.png power generation option to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth at the beginning along with the Power Wheel icon.png Power Wheel. The advantage of the compact water wheel compared to the Power Wheel icon.png Power Wheel is that it requires no workers to operate, has potential for better power output if the Fluid icon.png fluid flow is controlled well enough and costs 15 logs less to build. Disadvantage is that it produces no power if there is no water flow, which can be a challenge during droughts.

Because of the compact water wheels' relatively low power output it is advisable to opt for the Large Water Wheel icon.png Large Water Wheel and the Engine icon.png Engine once you can unlock them.


The compact water wheel costs 25 Logs icon.png Logs to build. It should be placed on a river where there is flowing fluid. It should then be connected to buildings that use power either directly or via power shafts.