Large Water Wheel

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The Large Water Wheel is a water building unique to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth. It generates power from flowing water.


The large water wheel is a bigger and more efficient version of the compact water wheel. Even thought it is much bigger and costs much more than the compact water wheel, the large water wheel will easily produce much more power. As such, it is advisable to build large water wheels instead of compact water wheels if you have them unlocked.

When placed on a river with flowing Fluid icon.png Fluid, the large water wheel will produce power. It can then be connected to buildings either directly or via power shafts so that the generated power is used by something.


The large water wheel is unlocked with 200 science points. It then costs 70 logs and 80 planks to build. While the building cost is relatively high, it makes up for it when comparing the power output to the compact water wheel.

The large water wheel must be placed on a river with flowing water or it will not generate any power. The stronger the current is the higher the power output will be. The large water wheel needs additional support from the one side. More specifically the middle part of one side is not allowed to on top of air. The additional support can be anything that allows building on top of it.