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For Power Wheel, see Power Wheel.

Engine icon.png Engines are Power icon.png Power buildings exclusive to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth faction. It consumes (0.2) Log icon.png Log/per hour to generate 400 hp Horsepower icon.png/per hour. Internal log storage is 10.


To sustain the Engine icon.png Engine full time, you would need approximately 19 Oak icon.png Oak Trees dedicated to each Engine. 0.75 Oak icon.png Oak Trees are consumed per hour of active time, plus a small buffer for inefficiencies in logging and transport (this is why you want around 19 instead of 18 for full time operation. At larger scales, you can trim a few of the spare trees).


  • The engine will not consume logs while there's zero need for energy in the connected power grid.

Patch Notes

v0.2.8.1-0748a0c "Update 2"

  • Building added to main track
  • no longer consumes logs while there’s a zero need for energy in the connected power grid
  • now uses 0.2 logs per hour, down from 1, and its internal storage has been lowered to 10 logs. (Translation: the full storage now sustains the engine for 2 days, up from 1).