Tribute to Ingenuity

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For other monuments, see Laborer Monument and Flame of Progress.

The Tribute to Ingenuity is the third Monuments icon.png Monument that can be unlocked and built. It satisfies Tribute to Ingenuity need in a 20 tile radius around it.

It is the most expensive building in the game. It takes 12,000 Science icon.png Science to unlock, being notably the only building above 10,000 Science. Building it requires 400 Planks icon.png Planks, 200 Gears icon.png Gears and 300 Metal Blocks icon.png Metal Blocks. Powering the monument takes 600 hp Horsepower icon.png, which is only topped by the Mechanical Water Pump icon.png Mechanical Water Pump and the Deep Mechanical Water Pump icon.png Deep Mechanical Water Pump at 700 hp Horsepower icon.png.