Mechanical Fluid Pump

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For Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth equivalent, see Deep Mechanical Water Pump.

Mechanical Water Pump icon.png Mechanical Water Pump is a Building icon.png building unique to Folktails icon.png Folktails that allows for advanced control of Fluids icon.png fluids.


Unlike the regular Water Pump icon.png Water Pump, the mechanical water pump does not create Water (Good) icon.png Water or Badwater (Good) icon.png Badwater goods. Rather, it pumps Fluids icon.png fluids from one side straight to the other side. The maximum pumping depth on the intake side is 4 tiles. The water pump will stop moving water when the water level on the discharge side exceeds 0.9.

When the mechanical water pump is used to pump water to a 1 tile wide canal it will create a flow of 0.5 cms.


The Mechanical Fluid Pump is built with 100 Gears icon.png Gears, 50 Treated Planks icon.png Treated Planks, and 50 Metal Blocks icon.png Metal Blocks.

Gears are produced in a Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop, treated planks are made in Wood Workshop icon.png Wood Workshop, and metal blocks are made in Smelter icon.png Smelter. It costs 5000 Science icon.png Science points to unlock it.

The blocks under the pipes must be at a lower level than where the pump being built.