Well-Being (Building Category)

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Well-Being (Building Category) icon.png
For Well-Being as a game mechanic, see Well-Being.

Well-Being is a Building icon.png building category with the purpose of increasing Beavers icon.png beavers' Well-Being through their Needs.

Healer icon.png Healer is the only building in the Well-Being category that does not increase well-being directly, but it increases the efficiency of Medical Bed icon.png Medical Bed.

Buildings that incrase well-being
Building Maximum visitors Category Maximum contribution
Campfire icon.png Campfire 5 Social Life: Campfire +1
Rooftop Terrace icon.png Rooftop Terrace 6 Social Life: Rooftop Terrace +1
Teeth Grindstone icon.png Teeth Grindstone 1 Basic Needs: Broken Teeth from -1 to 0
Shower icon.png Shower Folktails icon.png 1 Basic Needs: Wet Fur +1
Double Shower icon.png Double Shower Iron Teeth icon.png 2 Basic Needs: Wet Fur +1
Medical Bed icon.png Medical Bed 1 Basic Needs: Injury from -2 to 0
Shrine icon.png Shrine 1 Spirituality: Shrine +1
Lido icon.png Lido 7 Fun:Lido
Basic Needs: Wet Fur
Temple icon.png Temple 15 Spirituality: Temple +5
Carousel icon.png Carousel 12 Fun: Carousel +3
Mud Bath icon.png Mud Bath 8 Fun: Mud Bath +3