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For other housing, see Barracks, Breeding Pod, and Rowhouses.

Lodges are Housing icon.png Housing buildings unique to the Folktails icon.png Folktails faction.


The Lodge icon.png Lodge is the first of two housing options available to Folktails at the beginning of the game. The lodge has a size of 2x2 tiles, houses 3 Beavers icon.png Beavers, and costs 12 Logs icon.png Logs to build.

Lodge (Mirrored)

The Lodge (Mirrored) icon.png Lodge (Mirrored) is the second of two housing options available to Folktails at the beginning of the game.

It has the same size, cost, and housing as the lodge. What is different from the lodge is the entrance. The entrance is on the left side for the lodge (mirrored).

Mini Lodge

The Mini Lodge icon.png Mini Lodge is cheap and small. Cheap to unlock at 50 Science icon.png Science, cheap to build at 5 Logs icon.png Logs, small size at 1x2 tiles, and small housing at just 1 Beaver icon.png Beaver.

Double Lodge

The Double Lodge icon.png Double Lodge is the second unlockable housing option and is the first housing building to be two stories tall.

Entrance access is available via the second floor/story level so plan paths accordingly. The cost to unlock is 150 Science icon.png Science and the cost to build is 20 Logs icon.png Logs.

For all of the expense to unlock and build you do get double the housing of the lodge and lodge (mirrored) at a total of 6 Beavers icon.png Beavers.

Triple Lodge

The Triple Lodge icon.png Triple Lodge is the largest housing option available to Folktails both in size and housing capability.

The triple lodge is 3x2 tiles in size, two stories/levels tall, and houses 9 Beavers icon.png Beavers. Like the double lodge, the triple lodge's entrance is on the second floor/story level, please plan paths accordingly. The triple lodge costs 250 Science icon.png Science and 35 Logs icon.png Logs to build.