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For other housing, see Barracks, Breeding Pod, and Lodges.

Rowhouses are Housing icon.png Housing buildings unique to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth faction.

They are taller but narrower options when compared to Barracks.


With an unlock cost of 180 Science icon.png Science the Rowhouse icon.png Rowhouse is the cheapest of the unlockable housing options for the Iron Teeth.

At a size of 2x1 tiles and a height of three stories it is narrower and taller than the Barrack icon.png Barrack. Because of this narrowness housing slots are only 5 Beavers icon.png Beavers, but the rowhouse is cheaper to build than the barrack, only costing 20 Logs icon.png Logs.

For the price of one barrack you could build two rowhouses, save two tiles of space, and still be able to house 10 Beavers icon.png Beavers.

Large Rowhouse

The Large Rowhouse icon.png Large Rowhouse is a unlocked with 600 Science icon.png Science and building it requires 35 Logs icon.png Logs. The large rowhouse has more beaver housing capacity than a rowhouse with housing slots for 8 Beavers icon.png Beavers.

On the ground the large rowhouse is the same size as the rowhouse at 2x1 tiles, but the large rowhouse is one story taller at 4 stories tall. This means you can house more Beavers in the same area ground space.