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For other housing, see Barracks, Rowhouses, and Lodges.


The Breeding Pod allows the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth to reproduce. A Breeding Pod will spawn a new beaver baby every 5 days as long as it is supplied with water and blueberries. Breeding Pods are considered a Leisure icon.png Leisure building, which means beavers will only tend to them after their working hours.

Population control

The number of beavers a single breeding pod can maintain depends on the average life expectancy of your beavers. The older your beavers get, the more beavers can be maintained by a single breeding pod.

The Breeding Pod breeding progress requires 5 Berries icon.png Berries and 5 Water (Good) icon.png water and takes 5 days to complete.


  • An unemployed beaver will take care of breeding pods, even during working hours. If you want new breeding pods to be stocked up immediately, make sure that you have an unemployed beaver in that district.
  • Due to game mechanics it is recommended to avoid spawning babies right before daybreak (it might reduce life expectancy).
  • To get the accurate number for your colony use the following formula: (Max_Age of your beavers) / 5 = (population maintained by a single breeding pod)
  • The numbers in the table include children, a single pod will not provide that many working beavers.
  • These numbers were last looked at in October 2021. With the introduction of aquatic and tree borne foods, "all foods" value may be higher.