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Trees are a resource which spawns naturally across the map. A tree can spawn next to any adult tree (not diagonal) on the map (on fertile land, same land heigth). The chance a tree spawns on one certain field is not increased by the amount of trees the field is next to (minimum 1).

Alternatively, the forester can plant trees in designated areas. For faction-exclusive trees, this is the only way to get them in the first place. Trees can be cut down by lumberjacks to produce logs.

There are currently 6 types of trees: Birch, Pine, Maple, Chestnut, Mangrove Tree, and Oak.

Tree Days to grow Logs produced Days per log Harvestable resources Days between harvest
Birch icon.png Birch 9 1 9 none none
Pine icon.png Pine 12 2 6 2 Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin 7
Maple icon.png Maple Folktails icon.png 28 6 4.67 3 Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup 12
Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut Tree Folktails icon.png 24 4 6 3 Chestnut icon.png Chestnut 8
Mangrove Tree icon.png Mangrove Tree Iron Teeth icon.png 10 2 5 4 Mangrove Fruits icon.png Mangrove Fruits 10
Oak icon.png Oak 30 8 3.75 none none