Chestnut Tree

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For other trees, see Birch, Pine, Maple, Mangrove Tree, and Oak.

Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut Trees can only be planted by Folktails icon.png Folktails and yield Chestnut icon.png Chestnuts.

If the Forester icon.png forester has been unlocked and built, chestnut trees may be planted if an area has been selected for chestnut tree planting and is within range of a forester, District Center icon.png District Center, and a Path icon.png path.

Chestnut trees take 24 days to grow and may then be chopped from a lumberjack flag to gather 4 logs. If left standing, the fully grown tree will produce 3 chestnuts every 8 days. They can be gathered from a gatherer flag and grilled in a grill to produce grilled chestnuts. Chestnut trees can last about 10 days during drought or flooding.