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Once you have designated growing zones using the "Plant trees and bushes" menu (4th icon from the left), forester beavers will start planting the nearest plant (or the nearest plant you have prioritized on the Forester building). Foresters will only act on tiles that have moisture.

Once Trees icon.png Trees are fully grown, they can be cut down by a beaver working at a Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjack Flag and the forester will replant them automatically.

Once Blueberry Bush icon.png Blueberry Bush or Dandelion (Bush) icon.png Dandelion Bush have been planted, the forester will never need to act on those bushes again unless they die from lack of moisture. The same applies for Pine icon.png Pine, Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut tree and Maple icon.png Maple if they are planted for their Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin, Chestnut icon.png Chestnut and Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup yield instead of Wood icon.png wood.

Planting Speed

Including an average of just over 1 tile's worth of walking between plants, the number of plants that can be planted per hour by a forester is approximately:

Planting Rates
Plant Planted/Hour (no work speed bonuses)
Dandelion (Bush) icon.png Dandelion Bush 3.4
Blueberry Bush icon.png Blueberry Bush 2.375
Birch icon.png Birch 1.64
Pine icon.png Pine 1.25
Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut tree 1.25
Maple icon.png Maple 0.86

Resources Per Day

The average resources per day you get for each type of tree (along with how long it takes to grow) is presented below. Note that Pine icon.png Pine and Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut tree have the same production rate.

Wood-producing plants
Plant Days to Grow Resources Resources/Day
Birch icon.png Birch 9 1 Wood icon.png wood 0.111
Pine icon.png Pine 12 2 Wood icon.png wood 0.167
Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut tree 24 4 Wood icon.png wood 0.167
Maple icon.png Maple 28 6 Wood icon.png wood 0.214
Oak icon.png Oak 30 8 Wood icon.png wood 0.267

Once grown, some plants produce resources that may be gathered at regular intervals without destroying the plant itself. While it takes very long before the first harvest can take place, the following ones are much quicker.

Harvestable resources
Plant Days to grow Days between harvests Harvestable Resources Gathered by Resources/day

(second harvest onward)

Blueberry Bush icon.png Blueberry Bush 12 12 3 Berries icon.png Berries Gatherer flag 0.250
Dandelion (Bush) icon.png Dandelion Bush 3 3 1 Dandelion icon.png Dandelion Gatherer flag 0.333
Pine icon.png Pine 12 7 2 Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin Tapper's Shack 0.286
Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut tree 24 8 3 Chestnut icon.png Chestnut Gatherer flag 0.375
Maple icon.png Maple 28 12 3 Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup Tapper's Shack 0.250

Work Area

The Work Area for the Forester structure (on completely flat ground with zero obstructions) is a 39x41 square plus 23 tiles with the Forester structure occupying the center 4 tiles and paths occupying a minimum of 21 tiles (see the image below) leading to a total of 1,597 tiles.

The minimum path count can be seen using the image below (Forester Work Area). The Work Area for the Forester structure extends 17-18 tiles above, 20 tiles right, 21 tiles below, and 20 tiles left of the Forester structure. From the entrance of the Forester, the shortest path is 21 tiles.


- Each forester can handle 4 lumberjacks going full bore. The fifth one may have some missed planting opportunities.

- Trees and bushes inside planting area do not spread naturally.