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The Beehive icon.png Beehive is a structure unique to the Folktails icon.png Folktails faction that boosts the growth of nearby Crops icon.png crops (both aquatic and land based). It does not, however, boost the growth of bushes or trees, or the respawn of resources from these sources, such as Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup or Chestnut icon.png Chestnut. Placing beehives increases the risk of bee stings.

Growth Boost

The growth boost rate is approximately 43% overall (approximately 30% reduction in growth time). The boost is applied to 3 crops every 2 hours. Each crop has a cooldown of 24 hours before the boost can be applied on it again. Overlapping fields will redistribute remaining boosts, so you don't have to worry about wasting boosts.

Area of Effect

The area of effect for the beehive is the 7x7 area centered on the beehive structure; this allows for a maximum of 48 farmable tiles affected by the beehive.