Aquatic Farmhouse

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The aquatic farmhouse can plant and harvest Cattail (Crop) icon.png Cattail and Spadderdock (Crop) icon.png Spadderdock.


Aquatic farmhouse workers plant and harvest crops planted underwater, but the aquatic farmhouse structure itself must be placed such that it is not submerged in water. Workers will not work in a flooded building. You can construct the building next to a flood area, or above a wet location such as a flooded area, a lake, or a river. If the aquatic farmhouse is placed at a level above the water, Wooden Stairs icon.png stairs or a Slope icon.png Slope must be available for the beavers to decend into the water to perform their work.

In addition to the Aquatic Farmhouse not working while in water itself, aquatic crops will only grow in water that is less than 1 block high. Any water below 1 block is sufficient for them to survive and thrive, but should they be submerged in water too deep or have their water removed, they will die very quickly.

Use the plant crops tool to designate areas for beavers to plant cattails and spadderdock crops. Place the designated crop areas underwater.

In the settings for an aquatic farmhouse, you can choose to prioritze one type of crop over others, and you can optionally instruct beavers to prioritize either planting or harvesting crops.


The Cattail (Crop) icon.png Cattail roots and Spadderdock icon.png Spadderdock harvested by the aquatic farmhouse cannot be consumed directly by beavers; instead, they must be baked or grilled to produce consumable food.

Cattail roots must be ground to cattail flour in a Gristmill icon.png Gristmill before being baked. One cattail root results in one cattail flour. After producing the cattail flour, beavers can use it to bake Cattail Cracker icon.png Cattail Crackers in a Bakery icon.png Bakery, with one cattail flour producing 4 cattail crackers. Like with all baked goods, Logs icon.png Logs are consumed while baking.

Spadderdock is processed by a Grill icon.png Grill instead of a bakery. One spadderdock produces three Grilled Spadderdock icon.png Grilled Spadderdocks.