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The Grill icon.png Grill is a Building icon.png building used to process raw Ingredients icon.png Ingredients into edible Food icon.png Food.

Potatoes icon.png Potatoes are processed into Grilled Potatoes icon.png Grilled Potatoes, Chestnuts icon.png Chestnuts into Grilled Chestnuts icon.png Grilled Chestnuts and Spadderdocks icon.png Spadderdocks into Grilled Spadderdocks icon.png Grilled Spadderdocks, while burning a small amount of Logs icon.png Logs to do so.


Each Grill icon.png Grill can only process one of the three available recipes at a time, so you will need to build at least three grills to give your beavers the greatest food variety possible. You can change the recipe by clicking on the grill once it's been constructed.