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The Smelter icon.png Smelter is a Powered icon.png powered building used to convert Scrap Metal icon.png Scrap Metal into Metal Blocks icon.png Metal Blocks.

The smelter turns 2 Scrap Metal icon.png Scrap Metal into 1 Metal Block icon.png Metal Block. It requires 1 Log icon.png Log per 10 scrap metal smelted, 200 hp Horsepower icon.png and 4 hours to make 1 metal block.


To build the smelter you will need 50 Planks icon.png Planks, 20 Gears icon.png Gears, and 30 Scrap Metal icon.png Scrap Metal.

Planks are made in the Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber Mill, gears are produced in the Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop, and scrap metal is harvested in a Scavenger Flag icon.png Scavenger Flag or a mine.