Soybean (Crop)

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Soybean (Crop) icon.png Soybean (Crop) is an agricultural plant that, when harvested, produces Soybeans icon.png Soybeans. Cultivated on fertile soil, these crops are tended by Beavers working from a Farmhouse icon.png Farmhouse. Without sufficient irrigation, soybean crops are susceptible to drying out. It takes only 0.3 days for an unwatered soybean seedling to dry out completely and perish. Successful growth of these crops relies on careful water management to ensure a fruitful harvest of Soybeans, which can be further processed into Fermented Soybean icon.png Fermented Soybean.


A Farmhouse icon.png Farmhouse is required to plant Soybean seedlings.


  • Unlike in real life, where soy plants must dry out before harvest to ensure their preservation, in the game the plants are harvested when they are still green.

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