Canola (Crop)

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Canola (Crop) icon.png Canola crops are an agricultural plant that, when fully grown, yield Canola Seeds icon.png Canola Seeds. These seeds are a vital resource, capable of being processed into Canola Oil icon.png Canola Oil, a key ingredient in the production of Fermented Soybean icon.png Fermented Soybean, Algae Ration icon.png Algae Ration, and Eggplant Ration icon.png Eggplant Ration. To thrive, canola must be sown in fertile land and overseen by Beavers operating from a Farmhouse icon.png Farmhouse. Adequate irrigation is paramount; without it, a canola seedling will wither in just 0.5 days. The success of Canola (Crop) icon.png Canola crops, therefore, hinges on diligent water management to prevent the crop from drying out and to secure the versatile yield of Canola Seeds.


A Farmhouse icon.png Farmhouse is required to plant Canola seedlings.


  • The term canola comes from a special type of rapeseed that's been tweaked to make the oil taste better, which is why we like to use it in real-life kitchens.

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