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Crops are plants managed by a Farmhouse or Aquatic Farmhouse. All crops require access to water, either through irrigated land or in water itself (depending on the crop).


The farmhouse can manage four types of crops for planting on irigated land: Carrot, Sunflower, Potato and Wheat.

Aquatic Farmhouse

The aquatic farmhouse can manage two types of crops planted underwater: Cattails and Spadderdock.


The Folktails faction can use Beehives to boost the growth of all crops.

List of Crops

Crops Growth Time Produces Aquatic?
Carrot (Crop) 4 Days 3 Carrots No
Sunflower (Crop) 5 Days 2 Sunflower Seed No
Potato (Crop) 6 Days 1 Potatoes No
Wheat (Crop) 10 Days 3 Wheat No
Cattail (Crop) 8 Days 3 Cattail Root Yes
Spadderdock (Crop) 12 Days 3 Spadderdock Yes

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