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For other types of storage buildings, see Piles and Warehouses.

Tanks are Storage icon.png Storage buildings that store liquid goods. You can pick a single good that will be stored in a particular warehouse. You can change your selection at any time but before Beavers icon.png beavers start bringing the new resource, they will remove the old one.

Tanks are open from the top, exposing the stored liquid. The level of the liquid indicates the tanks’s occupancy. Liquids are carried in barrels by the beavers. Barrels are painted with a different color and an icon depending on the resource. Tank entrances are decorated with banners representing the goods stored inside.


Tanks can store a certain number of units of a single type of a chosen liquid good, including:

Tank Types

There are different types of tanks, each available for both factions.

Name Faction Capacity Cost Size
Small Tank icon.png Small Tank both 30 15 Logs icon.png logs 1x1x2
Medium Tank icon.png Medium Tank both 300 30 Planks icon.png planks, 20 Gears icon.png gears 2x2x3
Large Tank icon.png Large Tank both 1200 80 Planks icon.png planks, 60 Gears icon.png gears, 30 Metal Block icon.png metal blocks 3x3x3