Large Warehouse

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For other warehouses, see Small Warehouse and Medium Warehouse.

The Large Warehouse icon.png Large Warehouse is an unlockable Storage icon.png storage building and costs 250 Science icon.png Science to unlock.

The large warehouse is available to both the Folktails icon.png Folktails and Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth factions and has a storage capacity of 1200. This increased storage capacity does require an increase in ground size. The large warehouse is 3x3 tiles on the ground and two stories tall. However, this marginal increase in ground space is worth it for the extra 1000 storage.

Building a Large Warehouse icon.png Large Warehouse will add its storage capacity to the district it is connected to. As a warehouse, it stores goods that cannot be stored in Piles or Tanks. Does not propagate Power icon.png Power.


The Large Warehouse can store up to 1200 units of a single type of the following goods: