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Goods are essential for beaver survival. They are tracked in the top left side of the UI.

They are divided in categories: Materials icon.png Materials,Ingredients icon.png Ingredients, Food icon.png Food, Logs (Category) icon.png Logs and Water (Goods Category) icon.png Water. A beaver can carry a maximum of 14 kg, and a bot can carry a maximum of 20 kg of goods. Although those who work in the Hauling Post icon.png Hauling Post get a +100% bonus for their carrying capacity. Goods are stored in warehouses, piles and tanks with the exception of Science icon.png science. Some goods are faction specific.


Science (Category) icon.png

Science icon.png Science is a resource used for unlocking new Buildings icon.png buildings. As an abstract resource, they have no weight, nor can be stored physically. The main way to earn them is to research through the Inventor icon.png Inventor, Observatory icon.png Observatory Folktails icon.png or Numbercruncher icon.png NumbercruncherIron Teeth icon.png .


Materials icon.png

Materials are used for Building and/or to satisfy Well-Being. They are mainly stored in Warehouses and their weights vary.

Material Weight per unit Stored in
Badwater 2 kg Tanks
Biofuel icon.png Biofuel Folktails icon.png 1 kg Tanks
Books icon.png Books 1 kg Warehouses
Bot Chassis icon.png Bot Chassis 11 kg Warehouses
Bot Heads icon.png Bot Heads 4 kg Warehouses
Bot Limbs icon.png Bot Limbs 2 kg Warehouses
Catalyst icon.png Catalyst Folktails icon.png 1 kg Tanks
Dandelion icon.png Dandelion 1 kg Warehouses
Dirt icon.png Dirt 5 kg Piles
Extract 1 kg Tanks
Explosives icon.png Explosives 1 kg Warehouses
Gears icon.png Gears 3 kg Warehouses
Medicine icon.png Medicine 1 kg Tanks
Metal Blocks icon.png Metal Blocks 5 kg Piles
Paper icon.png Paper 1 kg Warehouses
Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin 2 kg Warehouses
Planks icon.png Planks 3 kg Piles
Scrap Metal icon.png Scrap Metal 11 kg Piles
Treated Plank icon.png Treated Plank 4 kg Piles


Ingredients icon.png

Ingredients icon.png Ingredients are goods used in Food icon.png Food production, but that are not edible yet.

Ingredient Weight per unit Stored in
Cattail Flour icon.png Cattail Flour 2 kg Warehouses
Cattail Root icon.png Cattail Root 1 kg Warehouses
Chestnut icon.png Chestnut 1 kg Warehouses
Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup 1 kg Tanks
Potatoes icon.png Potatoes 1 kg Warehouses
Spadderdock icon.png Spadderdock 1 kg Warehouses
Wheat icon.png Wheat 1 kg Warehouses
Wheat Flour icon.png Wheat Flour 2 kg Warehouses


Food icon.png

Food resources satisfy Hunger and most also satisfy another type of need. Food is mainly stored in mainly stored in Warehouses, and each unit of Food, no matter the type, weighs 1 kg.

They are as followed:


Wood icon.png

Logs icon.png Logs are the most commonly used resource in the game. They are mainly stored in Log Piles, and each individual Log weights 6 kg.


Water (Goods Category) icon.png

Water (Goods Category) icon.png Water is a resource that serves primarily to satiate the Thirst of beavers, but it's also used in the Water Dump icon.png Water Dump and Irrigation Tower icon.png Irrigation Tower. It's mainly stored in Water Tanks, and each unit of Water weights 2 kg.