Tapper's Shack

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The Tapper's Shack icon.png Tapper's Shack is a Building icon.png building use to extract resources from Trees icon.png Trees.


It takes 500 Science icon.png Science to unlock, and needs 20 Logs icon.png Logs, 20 Planks icon.png Planks, and 10 Gears icon.png Gears to build.

Logs are harvested in a Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjack Flag, planks are created in a Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber Mill, and gears are created in a Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop.


Tapper shacks employ 1 tapper each, who tap fully grown Maple icon.png Maple and Pine icon.png Pine trees, which droplets can be visually seen on the tree.

A tapper can harvest roughly 20-22 Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin in a 16 work hours, and 21-23 Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup in the same time frame.

A pine tree gives 2 pine resin per harvest and maple trees give 3 maple syrup.

Tree Days to grow Days between harvests Harvested resources Resources per day
Resources per day
Pine icon.png Pine 12 7 2Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin 0.105 0.286
Maple icon.png Maple 30 12 3Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup 0.071 0.25


Maple Syrup icon.png Maple Syrup is needed to make Maple Pastries icon.png Maple Pastries, and Pine Resin icon.png Pine Resin is needed to make Treated Planks icon.png Treated Planks which, among other uses, are consumed in mines to make infinite Scrap Metal icon.png Scrap Metal. It's also used to build a Mechanical Water Pumps or the Observatory icon.png Observatory.