Terrain Block

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Once you have gathered enough Dirt icon.png Dirt, you can start placing them as Terrain Blocks icon.png Terrain Blocks.

Even though they’re cubes, it is crucial to rotate them correctly - Bots icon.png Bots from the Terraforming Station icon.png Terraforming Station build them in the order indicated by arrows. Use this mechanism to stop bots from blocking access to planned construction sites and to prevent cutting off the builders.

If there is an arrow from another adjacent terrain block pointed at a terrain block on the same layer, it will wait to build until that block is complete.

This block behaves as any natural dirt block once placed: it holds water, counts as ground layer, can be farmed. You may place Buildings icon.png buildings on top of terrain blocks, but you may not place crops or trees until the block has been built.

Patch Notes

v0.2.8.1-0748a0c "Update 2"

  • "Building" added to main track