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The District Center icon.png District Center is the first Building icon.png building a player starts with in a new game and it establishes a District. The building also functions as a Builders' Hut icon.png Builders' Hut, employing 4 builders.

When a District Center is selected, a Path Line will extend from it following any Path icon.png Path connected to it. This line indicates the extent of the District's boundary[1] and the Builder's range.[2] As the line continues, it will change color from green to red, red indicating you are reaching the limit of what that District Center can reach. Eventually the line will end, even if a path continues, indicating the District's limit. The limit is 70 tiles from the door of the district center.

A District can be renamed from the District Center. This name is used in all Distribution Post icon.png Trade Routes.


Beavers icon.png Beavers can be moved between Districts using the Migrate Population button in the District Center. This allows for Adults and Children to be sent to another District. The new home District does not need to have available space in Housing icon.png Housing meaning new beavers can become Homeless.


  • Before Districts were thought of, builders were employed in the Builder Flag, that no longer exists in the game.

See Also

  1. District boundary is fluid, maxing out at 70 tiles following paths-including twists and turns. Stairs count as 1.
  2. Builders can build 10 tiles off of a road with connection to district center (green zone plus one)