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For other foods, see Food.

Berries icon.png Berries are a Food icon.png food that satisfies hunger.


Berries can be found in Blueberry icon.png blueberry bushes that are natural structures that spawn naturally in most maps. It's harvested through a Gatherer Flag icon.png Gatherer Flag, where it can also be stored. They can also be planted through the Forester icon.png Forester Buildings icon.png building. Each bush gives 3 berries.

After planting the bush it will first take 12 days for it to grow and then additional 12 days to grow berries. This means the first batch takes in total 24 days to be harvestable. After the first harvest the berries will keep growing back after 12 days.


Berries are likely to be the first food the beavers find to eat. They satisfy hunger just fine, but have no nutritional value. They also have the benefits of regrowing automatically, which can save some workers in the early game; and they can survive most droughts, which can save you from famines - though Folktails should consider replacing them with normal crops when they have enough workers and a drought-proof growing area.

Berries are required for Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth to reproduce via their Breeding Pod icon.png breeding pods.


Collecting the berries of a berry bush does not destroy the bush, and the bush will instantly start growing more berries. Berry bushes can be destroyed by builders. Unless they are selected for planting by a forester, fully grown berry bushes (with berries) have a chance to spawn a new bush on any free adjacent tile. The new bush will start as a seedling. Berry tiles take roughly 9 days to dry out.