Gatherer Flag

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The Gatherer Flag icon.png Gatherer Flag is a Building icon.png building that doesn't require any resource to build.

It allows a beaver to gather Berries icon.png Berries from Blueberry (Bush) icon.png Blueberry Bushes, Dandelion icon.png Dandelions from Dandelion (Bush) icon.png Dandelion Bushes and Chestnuts icon.png Chestnuts from or Chestnut Tree icon.png Chestnut trees, which can all be planted by a Forester icon.png Forester.

Plant Days to grow Days between harvests Harvestable Resources Resources/day

(first harvest)


(second harvest onward)

Blueberry 12 12 3 Berries icon.png berries 0.125 0.250
Chestnut tree 24 8 3 Chestnut 0.094 0.375

Area of Effect

The Area of Effect for the Gatherer Flag (on completely flat ground with zero obstructions) is a 40x41 square with the Gatherer Flag structure occupying the center tile. A 40x41 square equals 1,640 tiles. This is the total Area of Effect for the Gatherer Flag.

Now that you know the total Area of Effect for the Gatherer Flag is 1,640 tiles you can now figure out how many of those tiles will actually benefit from the Area of Effect from the Gatherer Flag. To start, subtract 1 for the Gatherer Flag structure. This brings the tile count down to 1,639.

The next thing to account for is Paths. Use the below linked image (Gatherer Flag Area of Effect) for reference. The Area of Effect for the Gatherer Flag extends 18 tiles above, 20 tiles right, 21 tiles below and 20 tiles left of the Gatherer Flag structure. Using these dimensions the shortest Path that can be created is 21 tiles.

So, taking what you have learned the maximum number of unoccupied tiles affected by the Area of Effect from the Gatherer Flag is 1,618.

How was this number reached? The Area of Effect is a 40x41 square. 40x41 equals 1,640 tiles. Subtract 1 tile for the Gatherer Flag structure and the total becomes 1,639 tiles. Subtract 21 tiles for Paths and the total becomes 1.618 tiles.