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Logs are the primary resource Materials icon.png material in Timberborn. Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjacks chop Trees icon.png trees to create logs. Logs are stored either by the Log Pile icon.png log pile for the Folktails icon.png Folktails, or Industrial Log Pile icon.png industrial log pile for the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth.

Logs can be used as a Buildings icon.png building material, as a fuel in a Grill icon.png grill or Bakery icon.png bakery, or be processed in to Planks icon.png planks at a Lumber Mill icon.png lumber mill or Paper icon.png paper at a Paper Mill icon.png paper mill.

Production chain

The production chain for books starts with a Forester icon.png forester and ends with a Printing Press icon.png printing press.

  1. Forester icon.png Forester
  2. Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjack