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Explosives are a Materials icon.png material that is a type of resource that can be transformed into Dynamite icon.png dynamite.

Production chain

The production chain for explosives starts with a Forester icon.png forester and ends with an Explosives Factory icon.png explosives factory.

  1. Forester icon.png Forester
  2. Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjack
  3. Inventor icon.png Inventor
    • Creates: Science icon.png science (required to unlock the remaining buildings in this production chain)
  4. Power icon.png Power Buildings icon.png building(s) (all remaining buildings in this production chain require power)
  5. Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber mill
  6. Gear Workshop icon.png Gear workshop
  7. Paper Mill icon.png Paper mill
  8. Explosives Factory icon.png Explosives factory