Water Dump

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The Water Dump icon.png Water Dump is a Water (Building Group) icon.png Water building that can be used with a water source to relocate water. A version exists for both the Folktails icon.png Folktails and Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth factions.

The Water Dump takes two tiles. One tile to hold the shed to which the beavers will deliver buckets of Water (Good) icon.png water, and the other tile to contain the spout from which the water will flow unto the tile below.

As such, the tile below the spout should be at least one tile lower than the Water Dump's spout. Once the tile below the spout is full of water, the Water Dump will stop filling the tile.

The water for the building must be supplied to it by the Beavers.

The Beavers gather the water in buckets from a water source, such as a Water Pump icon.png Water Pump, Deep Water Pump icon.png Deep Water Pump, Small Tank icon.png Small Tank, Medium Tank icon.png Medium Tank or Large Tank icon.png Large Tank. The Beavers then bring the the water to the Water Dump's hut.

If placed on dry ground, when the water starts to fill the tile below the spout, the ground will begin to be watered. This allows the Water Dump to serve as an irrigation source enabling the creation of fertile tillable land from once dry and barren ground.